InfluenceMine is a next generation blockchain platform for hyper-commerce, powered by an EOS based Social Node Network. We give InfluenceMine a DF score of 10!


Pixwalla is an advanced data intelligence engine for business. Simple to use and powerful, we give Pixwalla a DF Score of 7 for its instant results and performance!

Star Shoutout

Star Shoutout is new and exciting approach to fan engagement with charity fundraising auctions designed to go viral! We give Star Shoutout a DF score of 8!

Jolly Bitcoin

Jolly Bitcoin is just cool. This project started as a kiosk for buying Bitcoin and is now being remodeled to accomodate loyalty rewards. We give Jolly Bitcoin a DF score of 10!


We have many projects that we are engaged with as owners, investors, advisors or developers. Here are a few projects that are ongoing at Disruptive Force.